Vigleik Steinar Voll           
App developer
Family games
Ladder Game
- App development for iPhone, iPod og iPad     
Lottery, Crossword solution by finger, Where are my lended things?, Screenkiller, Activity reg.    
Family app containing: 10.000, Ladder game, The mill, Yatzy and '4 in a row'. Love it!      
Quiz on your Wifi to learn your lessons, words etc in a funny way!        
- - Write Vigleik in the searchfield in AppStore to see all Vigleik's apps there! - -       
-App development for Android          
    LotteryOne is now available in Play Store!        
-         Search for LotteryOne and you get the most fair drawing system!
Policy for Android apps              
- Electronic & Data     (using Arduino etc.)            
- Photo     (pictures from 99 just now ...)            
- Garden   - Look at the lawn!   Look at the pound!          
- Cabin and cabin life              
- Carpenting (cabin, seahouse, piers etc.)            
- Special things   (have made/do/have done)           
- Playing Accordion     - w/Special solution!          
- Civil status                
And we do all the work around us ourselves ... with pleasure!          
Updated 05.11.2018