Vigleik's sivilian status

Vigleik Voll

'Pre-retired'! (66 years)

- Lives together with Torunn Djønne who has two sons with 5 children.

- Was married to Henny Karin who got cancer and died in 99, 44 years old.

We got a son and a daughter which totally have 3 children.

Eight grandchildren is great!

Earlier jobs:

- Started motorsycle workshop at 'Brødrene Sakkestad' while I went to school.

- After school I worked on their workshop for cars too.

- Worked at 'Televerket/TBK/Telenor' for over 40 years! (1973-2014).

Status today:

- 'Pre-retired' and do just as I want; working on my hobbies all the time!



Updated 25.10.2018