Trip by Jula-‘tent’ (bathing shelter) !

Monday July 21st we went for a ride with our little sports car Fiat Barchetta 2-mans Cabriolet and went to Jula to buy new camping equipment as we were going to Gjøvik, Aursjøvegen, Trollstigen, Geiranger, Flom-banen, etc.
In such a small car there is little space so you have to think about what we really need, and this was our first camping trip together, and we looked forward to that.
At Jula, a salesman who new all about camping and bought a double air mattress, a battery-powered air pump, recommended a two-man tent that would suit the size of the air mattress.

Slik så 'Teltet' og madrassen ut, fotografert etter hjemkomst slik at du ser utfordringen med størrelsen ...

This is what the «tent» and the mattress locked like, photographed after comming home to see our challenge with the size …


On tour
We traveled happily to Gjøvik and spent the night at a friend before we went on to Aursjøvegen, a stunning 11 km long special mountain road. Happy with the day we would put up our tent at a campsite outside Åndalsnes. The tent came up and we were shocked by the size and design of this "tent" because it was no tent, but a windshield or a so-called Gapahuk.
When we reached the point where we blew up the air mattress, many people came around to look, with big eyes; it couldn
’t be possible to enter this mattress into the miscarriage of a small tent!
We sat down and thought of what to do before we drove off to look for a hotel, but it was far and we found a solution along the way.
So we drove back to the campground and dropped the air out of the mattress. We wrapped straps around two of the corners before we filled some air into the mattress. In this manner we managed to get the mattress to be much shorter on the inner side, and we made it bend upward and became much narrower. At last we managed to push it into the «tent» and could now close the door and go to sleep.
Not waterproof ...
At night it started to rain and the water began to drip in several places,including straight into our mobile bag under the roof ...
At 5:30 we got up and drove on to Trollstigen and Høyanger before we drove home to Karmøy.
Long driving distance that day and we where back home at 01:30 night to 24 July.
After all a great trip!
This wonderful trip was of course shorter than we had planned, but we had much fun as long as it lasted.

The "tent" has of course become a very fun feature from this trip, a feature that we can thank the Jula seller for.

We are fortunately of the positive and creative type so we do not make any problems of this, but we certainly believe that the staff who recommend products to customers now knows the difference between a Gapahuk and a two-mans-tent! He, he ...
When we came to Jula on July 24th, we were welcomed by a nice guy who helped us finding a suitable tent at a very reduced price. The tent is now big enough for both us and our mattress, so now we are ready for a new camping trip.


We put up our chairs and read the newspaper while we were thinking of what to do …

Et bilde som inneholder gress, utendørs, tre, himmel

Automatisk generert beskrivelse


The road behind became full of sighted people …

Veien bak ble etterhvert full av skuelystne folk


The solution >was stroking around two of the corners of the mattress. The mattress became more like the ‘tent’, narrower and canted …

Løsningen ble stropper rundt to hjørner av madrassen


Mattress became fitted to the ‘tent’ (shelter)!



Her har vi fått inn dyne og greier så det er klart til legging!

Teltet med dyne

When we stepped in to the tent the pegs flied away, but fortunately it didn’t blow that night.



At 05:30 we had to pack in a hurry when the rain set in.



Even with these challenges we had a very nice trip!




Updated 06.12.2018