My apps Policies


Children & family policy

1.    App content: I assure that content in my apps that children have access is suitable for children.


2.    Ads: If the app shows ads to children or users of unknown age, I must
• use only Google Play certified ad networks to serve ads to these users
• ensure that ads shown to these users do not involve interest-based advertising or remarketing
• make sure ads shown to these users show content that is appropriate for children
• ensure that ads shown to these users comply with family ad format requirements
• Iensure compliance with legislation and industry standards related to advertising for children


3.       Data Collection: I have no collection of personal information about children in the app, including via APIs and SDKs that are invoked or used in my app.


4.     APIs and SDKs: I assure that the app implements APIs and SDKs is correctly.
• Apps targeted exclusively at children should not contain APIs or SDKs that are not approved for use in child-directed services.

 This includes Google sign-in (or other Google API services that access data associated with Google Accounts), gambling services on Google Play and other

 API services that use OAuth technology to authenticate and authorize.

•Apps that target both children and older audiences should not use APIs or SDKs that are not approved for use in child-directed services, unless used behind

a neutral age filter or in a non-lead manner for collecting data from children (e.g. leaving Google sign-in optional).


5.      Special restrictions:
• If I am using augmented reality in my app, I must include a security alert that appears immediately when the AR section starts. This must contain:
• a suitable message about the importance of parental supervision
• a reminder to be aware of the physical dangers that exist in the real world (eg, you have to keep an eye on your surroundings)
• the app should not require the use of a device that is not recommended for children (eg Daydream or Oculus).


6.      Legal Compliance: I ensure that the app, including APIs or SDKs that the app invokes or uses, complies with U.S. Children's Online Privacy and

 Protection Act (COPPA), the EU Privacy Policy and other relevant laws and regulations.




Best regards

Vigleik Steinar Voll